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A Tribe Called Blessed

Let’s Face It...

Building a business is a tough path to take. We see the fun part, making your own decisions, setting your own schedule and taking that vacay when you are good and ready. How many #BossChick posts have you seen today? You know the ones, feet up on their own neatly organized workspaces, with a cute caption underneath. Something along the lines of “another day at the office” or “over here making money moves”. No offense to those who show the flex but I’m here to give you the real. What you see, if it is indeed real, is never the result of one super ambitious go-getter. Trust me, sis has a whole tribe that helps her keep it all together.


What Does a Supportive Tribe Look Like?

You’ve heard the saying “It takes a village to raise a child”, right? Well, it takes a tribe to support an entrepreneur. Your tribe is a group of individuals from different walks who share a common drive to push forth even when the going gets rough. These are the people who cheer you on, build you up, and keep you motivated. They also will tell you about yourself, give you tough love and honest feedback. When you need honest criticism, they got you. When you need a corner to rock in and a shoulder to cry on, they’ve got that too! It’s totally unrealistic to believe that you can solve all the problems, create all the magic, and make all the monies solo-dolo. That’s where your tribe comes in. Fab said it best “I’m a movement by myself/But we’re a force when we’re together/“. Sure he was spitting game, but it definitely holds true. Your squad makes you better.

How Does the Tribe Support Individual Entrepreneur?

Picture this; you have got a dope idea for a brand new handbag line. You come up with some amazing designs, found a reasonable supplier for raw materials, and you are already a gifted seamstress. Your bags are poppin, but no matter how many times you post about them on social media, no one is buying.

You get frustrated, but you don’t know what’s stifling your sales. In an attempt to troubleshoot you reach out to a girlfriend letting her know the bag dilemma. She listens, but doesn’t offer any real feedback other than “thass crazy….”. There’s nothing wrong with that friend. She’s got a role in your life. Yet, a well-rounded tribe can point out issues you may not have seen.

Maybe your focus was too heavy on the bag line, and not the marketing. Possibly you were marketing to the wrong audience, on the wrong platforms, at the wrong times, etc. One friend isn’t going to see all the angles all the time. A tribe of honest, encouraging, and supportive goal friends is more likely to get to the bottom of it. While this is one example, it’s all too common.


Everyone Has A Role

Most of this has discussed what your tribe can do for you as a business owner. The dynamic of the tribe, however, is spread around. Every member has a supporting role and that role changes as needed. No one member is more important than the other, and every set of eyes comes with a fresh perspective. A true tribe does not have to be a homogeneous group. The diversity of the tribe is what gives it power. Think about it… the more colorful and diverse your circle is, the more angles and points of view are at your disposal. All you have to share is the drive, determination, ambition, and empathy to be a part of it. Be willing to give of yourself, be authentic, and supportive of one another.


Find Your Tribe, and Flourish

It’s nothing you can’t do when you are connected with fellow female entrepreneurs. You will challenge each other, support one another, laugh, cry, and learn together. A strong tribe pools its resources and shares useful information. The common thread among the tribe is growth, progress, and camaraderie over competition.

Building a business has valleys and peaks, joys and sorrows, breakthroughs and set-backs. Also, many of us are first-generation entrepreneurs who are more than likely feeling our way through the dark. Everyone wants to be their own boss, but few are equipped to take on that mountain-sized challenge. There are people along the way, many who are your loved ones who don’t understand your journey and may not really support your goals. Your tribe though, those fellow entrepreneurs, are your biggest cheerleaders, reality checkers, resources, and chanters of “aaayyyeee” while you are in your zone. If you don’t have’s time to find yours!


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