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I did a thing...

     Many of you know me as a doting wife, mom, brand strategist, life coach, entrepreneur or founder of Eta Eta Lambda...


     But as of June of last year, I've added PUBLISHED AUTHOR to that list! (Sheesh, I get a little anxious just typing that out loud.)

      Myself, along with twelve other moms share some of our toughest lessons learned through motherhood. Our transparency, vulnerability and candor are our love letters to other mothers out there.

Giving Grace: Volume 1

Motherhood is truly a journey and 'm so proud (and quite frankly shocked) to

have made it this far, lol. So I am honored to have been a part of such a dope project written by

and for moms. Giving Grace is a collection of stories from 13 moms who find faith, discover divine timing and embrace grace through the challenges of motherhood.
While the instruction manual on how to be a mom remains unwritten, it is our hope that through this book other mamas draw strength, gain perspective and confidence from OUR lessons of perseverance, resilience and conviction. We hope it serves as inspiration to all moms and helps them feel seen, understood and encourages them to enjoy the journey of motherhood...
with grace.


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by Lia Monet & Other Authors

A collection of stories

from mamas to mamas.

$27 +Shipping

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Pick up your book (Date TBD) at a private book signing at Paperback Inks.

Celebrate with a toast to the author, win some prizes and have your book personally signed!

$35 (Includes Book & Event)


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